Are You Life Skill Equipped?

Learn to Lead is designed to equip people with essential life skills, giving confidence and the tools needed to achieve their life goals.

Learn To Lead


Present Yourself

The Learn to Lead program teaches students everything from better presentation skills to how to organise your life to be more efficient. Students will learn about the seven habits of highly effective people and a number of tools to increase your social and working life.


Learn Life Skills

You will learn how to converse when meeting new people, how to work in teams with others to reach a common goal and how to use your time to get the best from yourself in any situation. Rational thought and debate is an essential skill for life and students are taught how to consider both sides of an argument and how to reason to resolve or avoid conflict.

Reach Your Goals

We have helped thousands of people take the first step to achieving these goals, from young people fresh from school that are just starting out on their journey to executive levels of businesses who have already learned a lot, each one of them using the experience to improve themselves personally or professionally.

'L2L has been transformational in giving me the skills and confidence to embrace any challenge.'

David Meadows, Development Officer, Legacies and Individual Giving at The University of Sheffield

'L2L provided me with the skills which helped me succeed at Uni and enable me to achieve my dream.'

Alice Flint, Sustainability Co-ordinator, Lovell

'The team building, negotiation and self management skills have been invaluable.'

Gemma Perkins, Primary School Teacher

A Global Reach

The Learn to Lead program is perfect for everyone from students who want to learn how to be more productive and manage their workload to achieve their potential to businesses who want to know how to manage staff to get the best from them and create a happy workplace.

Learn to Lead has decades of experience and is constantly evolving. We have reached out across the world from London to Singapore, and have created many opportunities for individuals to remain in the program as mentors or volunteers.

Many who complete the Learn to Lead program decide they want to mentor at future events, this provides us with a huge number of experienced, knowledgeable individuals who help make Learn to Lead so unique. It is testament to the program that they choose to invest so much time back into Learn to Lead.

Truly Diverse

Those who have completed Learn to Lead come from all backgrounds and walks of life. Regardless of ethnicity, nationality or faith we have created a network of people who can understand and communicate with each other reasonably and effectively, giving them the skills they need to make their lives better and to improve the lives of those around them.

Complete Teaching Tools

Alumni include people who have gone from not knowing what they want to do after school to becoming leading researchers and scientists in their field, people who felt like they had nothing to giving them the tools they need to get everything and people who are already very accomplished who acquired the skills to help those around them achieve their goals too.


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